“No Shame”

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
This week instead of the usual Energiser, I’d like to bring you up to date on a project I’m involved with at Walgett.

You may have seen some of the recent bad press about the town. It’s an easy target for a biased press during a slow news week. I reckon it’s the name - a bit like Dubbo in this way - sort of easy to pick on. Like Bogan and Dapto.

But I’m proud to be from Dubbo. It’s a great place to live. And I’m proud to work in Walgett.  

This week the Walgett Community School is involved in the production of a music video based around a song competition the High school band - well named  “No Shame”  - won. The kids, assisted by all staff and led by music teacher Vanessa Schep, wrote and performed the song for the Enviro Song competition. It’s only a “little” song competition run by Red Hill Environmental School and promoted by teacher Mark Heaney.

But it has had some success :

Last year I was lucky enough to get the job of producing the video clip for  the school that won the Primary school section of the same competition - Brewarrina Central School. As  a result one of the singers in this clip is being featured in a documentary - recently shot by ABC and now in editing - about a choir that was formed from some of the talent identified by the  competition. The group, and the documentary, which will air early in the New Year is called The Outback Choir. Please have a look at the video that set the spark.

Who knows the positive impact it will have on the kids at  Walgett. At the very least we’ll have some fun making the clip and learn a few things on the way.

A spark can start a whole bushfire, but it can also create a steady warming glow.