Active Amy on Keeping it Simple!

Monday, November 09, 2015
Keep it simple, stupid! I was always offended by this saying growing up, because it didn’t sit naturally with my ‘perfectionist’ ‘overachieving’ personality, not to mention being called STUPID!

But as I have grown older and wiser, and certainly since becoming a mum, I am learning why this little saying can make our lives, ironically, so much simpler! Especially when it comes to how we communicate with our children.

In the heat of the moment, when you are ‘liaising’ with your children about the events that have just occurred we can easily run off on a tangent, - words, emotions and somewhat aggressive questions that aren’t meant to be answered, like “What were you thinking? Don’t you ever listen to me? “What do you think your father will think about this?”.

By now, your child has either tuned out completely and is thinking about butterflies or lollipops or the booger stuck up their nose that’s been bugging them… or they are looking at you wondering what they have done so wrong that has caused you to go “crazy”.

A far more effective course of action is to address the problem, head on, using simple, consistent language. For example, your son is playing inside with a ball and it breaks your favourite reading lamp – Move towards your child slowly and with a calm and clear voice say

“Ok, Johnny, stop and look at me…(wait until they are looking at you) ..”good, your eyes show me that you are listening. What you have done was very unsafe, you have broken the lamp, and you could have hurt somebody or yourself. You were also not playing by the rules. Where do we play with the ball?”
Johnny answers “Outside”
“That is correct, and what happens when we don’t play by the rules”
Johnny answers “We have to move away, or there are consequences”.
“That is right, now the consequence is that I am going to put the ball away now and will need to move away and find something else to do, and you are also going to get a warning on your score board. Let’s go and put that on there now, together, then you can help me tidy up this mess”.

There is no mention of anyone being “naughty”, we simply address the poor behaviour choice and highlight the consequence of the child’s actions. The child is not being yelled at, you are not getting flustered, but are remaining calm and confident in your disciplinary action and the issue is quickly addressed.

Your child is secure in the fact that you as their parent have helped them see why you had the original rule of not playing with the ball inside and that when they push a boundary, there is a consequence, everytime. This is a life skill that each child needs to learn if they are going to succeed in life.

The iKi SRL Principles, Family Pledge, iKi SRL Scoreboard, tokens and warnings and comprehensive Positive Behaviour Plan, take the guess work out, giving YOU the confidence to raise happy, healthy, strong, safe, respectful children.

Want to hear more about iKi SRL @ Home. Click here for your FREE report on 10 tips to raising healthy kids.

Click here to SIGN UP today for iKi SRL @ Home and start your family on a path to harmony, respect and healthy life choices.

iKi in YOUR Community

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 4 done and dusted, and I'm told, only some 60 days until Christmas! Where has this year gone! 

Our year here at iKi HQ is set to finish off on a high, with our current BIG iKi Tour well under way, with iKi Experiences performed so far in Dubbo and Trangie, and more booked for Narromine, Lightning Ridge, Gilgandra, Forbes and Lithgow before years end. 

Want to see iKi LIVE in your school, centre, workplace or community group? Why not...

We are finalising details for our end of year BIG iKi Show to be held in Dubbo featuring our fantastic locally grown iKi Crew and iKi Safe Respectful Learners. Stay tuned for more information including ticket sales..coming soon. 

In preparation for Christmas we have put together some great Christmas Specials so that you and your family can benefit from iKi SRL @ Home. Memberships include access to all online videos and songs with exciting new songs and videos currently being released. Also included are iKi Principle posters, the iKi SRL Scoreboard and iKi Tokens and a comprehensive, tried and tested Positive Behaviour Plan to make raising happy, healthy, strong kids that little bit easier! To read how I have implemented the iKi SRL @ Home product into my own home, click here.

Playing an active role in giving back to our Community and other organisations in need is something that is very close to our hearts, and is what sends us back to the Relay for Life year after year. 

This year we will be participating in the Orana Relay for Life on Saturday 7th November at the all new DCL Park (old Barden Park, Gipps St, North Dubbo. The theme this year is Super Heroes, and we thought it was a great way to introduce the community to the concept of Power Names and the fun one can have using one of our NEW custom made, personalised Power Sticks. 

We will be selling the Power Sticks at the Relay for $10 each or 3 for $25, with a massive 25% of sales going back to the Cancer Council for much needed cancer research. The Orana Relay for Life is run by a fantastic group of local community members and we are very honoured to be taking part in the event yet again, with a iKi Experience set for Saturday evening (time to be advised). To find out more or make a donation, visit them online or via Facebook

Come and join us for a fun evening of iKi, purchase your Power Stick and let's help raise funds for cancer and show the community what being an iKi Safe Respectful Learner is all about! 

Have a great day! 

The iKi Team : ) 

iKiFit News: Spring 2015

Saturday, September 05, 2015

iKi Magic Home Zone - bringing all the things you love about iKi SRL into your home!

Hi, Amy from iKiFit here.

I recently told a friend that I’d found my vocation in life. Becoming an iKi Instructor. I know this is my calling because it’s making such a big difference to my life, personally, professionally and at home. Plus, there’s a big personal bonus – it’s fun and it works.

So I wanted to let you all in on how I’ve adapted iKi SRL for home and how it’s helping my kids – and the whole family!

By providing consistent boundaries, language and behaviour guidelines for my children I have created certainty for them, - so they now feel safe, secure and settled knowing "I've got this!" 

And it was so simple. By sticking to the iKiSRL principles and basing our behaviour management language around them, my partner and I have become much more confident in ourselves as parents. We wanted to instil in them the simplest of life values, - values we feel society as a whole has lost sight of... until now!

The first step was for our children Mr C (5) and Miss C (7) to become competent in practising the iKi Principles, whilst keeping them engaged through regular iKi Energisers. These help to 'get the sillies out' before I expect them to do anything that requires attention, and are also a great alternative to 'technology' or ABC Kids. Why? Because they are labour intensive, they get the endorphins pumping, the mind stimulated and are seamlessly engaging and entertaining. Then they are ready to sit and talk about the principles. their roles with our family, and what we expect of them as members of our family. 

The next step was to implement the 'iKi SRL Score Board' (reward/warning system). We talked about realistic expectations on a daily basis, incorporating their given chores (jobs) as part of our family and the types of behaviour we expected to see them displaying. For example, treating each other nicely, listening to the instructions being given by their parent/s and playing nicely together - to keep things safe and fair for everyone.

Using the iKi SRL Score Board we then watched daily for displays of positive behaviours and rewarded them accordingly with iKi Tokens. Additionally we weeded out the negative behaviour by issuing warning tokens - and where necessary (2 warnings issued) moved the child into 'Reflection' where they would sit by in a non-engaging environment and reflect upon the poor behaviour choices they had made - and what they needed to do to fix their behaviour choice. 

When there was a token per day achieved, in whatever principle category, a reward was given. Nothing monetary, but something that involved the family in a positive way, i.e. Picnic with family to a place of the child's choosing. A family dinner with the menu choice of the child. Outing somewhere of the child's choosing.

As the weeks went on the expectations increased, and more iKi Tokens were required on a daily basis to reach the point of reward. The children became accountable to themselves and each other and would quite often assist in modelling positive behaviours to one another (taking the time to point out to me of course, for recognition and validation!). 

iKi SRL was not just implemented at home. I was soon issuing tokens during our weekly grocery shop and where necessary notifying a child that they would be receiving a warning on the score card when we get home. I even had a situation where Mr C went from 1st warning to 2nd warning into Reflection during a grocery shop, where I proceeded to place him in a safe spot out of the way of passers by for him to have his reflection. There was no tantrums or tears or screaming, just a child who needed time to self regulate; - to get back on page with the expectations I had of him in the supermarket. He came out of 'Reflection' and proceeded to ask me how he could help me with the rest of the shop, and even carried some of the bags in when we got home. Without being asked!

Now I have two settled, well behaved, well mannered children, who are thriving, are a delight to be around, are helpful, considerate and an absolute joy in all contexts. We exercise regularly together using the iKi Energisers, we eat well together (even my fussy eater Mr C) and we play together in a safe, fair and fun environment. And they are even modelling these positive behaviours to their baby brother Mr J (10mths)!

So, how can you benefit from all this. It's easy - I have condensed all of this into a pack that you can sign up for today that will give you step by step instructions on implementing iKi SRL in your home. 

The pack includes your own iKi SRL Score Board, iKi SRL Principle posters (to hang in your home) and your own set of iKi Tokens and Warning cards. To register today for iKi Magic Home Zone click here

Also keep an ear out for our upcoming Parent Workshops where we will give you further hints and tips on raising, happy, healthy, strong, safe, respectful contributing members of our community. Enjoy : )

The BIG iKi - Incursions

Due to high demand for iKi SRL incursions in schools and early childhood services, we have decided to make our annual BIG iKi event an ongoing incursions tour. 'The BIG iKi Bus' will visit schools across the region and deliver the iKi Safe Respectful Learners message via a fun, engaging 1 hr show. With cool new songs, iKi Energisers, Narratives and merchandise the BIG iKi Incursions are set to be the talking point of every school and early childhood service. And with 10% of all incursion and merchandise sales going back to your school or service, everyone wins!  

To find out more about hosting a BIG iKi Incursion contact us today at or call Amy on 0419 016 692.


iKiFit News: Winter 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wishing you a happy healthy safe holiday, we look forward to working with you next term! 

iKi Learn Online

A reminder to iKi Learn Online subscribers that - as of 1st July 2015 - if you are not part of a registered schools/service/ group, or individual, your current FREE membership will expire. We have a simple SIGN UP form with options of $96 per year or $9.95 per month for individual users and special discount rates for schools or groups. This will go towards funding the new iKiSRL program, and regular, exciting content updates for our subscribers.

We’d love to hear YOUR stories of how iKiFit and the Safe Respectful Learners practise is changing your life or the lives around you. Your stories are what help us spread the message of the iKiSRL practise and how it can empower and engage others. The BIG iKi this year is all about celebrating you, our safe respectful learners who are and will continue to be contributing members to our community. Your stories will be shared online and lay the foundation for what is set to be a BIG event this year!
Please send us your stories to and we will give you YOUR CHOICE of a FREE iKi Learn Online membership for the 2015/2016 financial year, or a set of NEW SmashPads.

The BIG iKi

SAVE THE DATE! Wednesday 21st October 2015 from 10am -1pm

Ollie Robins Oval, Bligh St, Dubbo

The BIG iKi - Celebrating safe, respectful, engaged students as future contributing members of our community.

This year we are looking to build on last year’s achievement of 4,000 participants, and are calling on community minded businesses and service groups to get involved. How can you help?:

Register your school/centre/group as participants on the day, either at the LIVE Event or via YouTube LIVE (details to come - facilitated by DART Connections)
Join in the fun - sign up for your online membership and join us online on the day!
Donate to the NFP - every bit counts
Like & Share our Facebook Page & BIG iKi Event

Positive Behaviour Workshops

We are kicking off the new Positive Behaviour Plan Workshop Roadshow in Term 3. This course is BOSTES accredited and can also be used towards Long Day Care Professional Learning Program (LDCPLP) funding and professional development credits.

Click here for information on workshop dates, locations and venues. Priced at just $149 per person for the day. Discounts applicable for larger groups from one school/service, ENQUIRE NOW.

Come on an adventure with Anthony & Ricci the Rhino

Friday, May 29, 2015
We hope you are enjoying the new look portal, and have found the iKiEnergisers: - iKi Magic, iKi Yellow and iKi Green sections via the buttons on the left hand side of the portal landing page. If you have ANY questions or suggestions PLEASE drop us a line. 

In this blog we are introducing the iKi Magic Energisers which are ideal for EC and Early Stage 1.

Many of you would know we have been promising to publish an interactive narrative video for some time now.
We are excited to share the first of many, and hope some of you will be inspired to create your own story to present in your classrooms – and perhaps share with us all, online!

The video below can be found in the iKi Magic section of iKi Learn Online portal. Also available now in this section is the iKi Dance Junior audio file, which features more repetitions of each movement, which is great for EC and Early Stage 1 audiences. And check out the iKi Dance Rhythm which you can use to choreograph your own moves and focus on key fundamental movements relevant to your classroom.

Come on an adventure with Anthony and help find Ricci the Rhino and Cheeky the Cheetah. Have fun! 

iKiSRL going from strength to strength in Lightning Ridge

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

With Lightning Ridge Central School having completed "whole staff" training at the beginning of Term 2, and Little Diggers Child Care Centre set to train in coming weeks, Lightning Ridge is becoming a model for the Safe Respectful Learners program!

We recently spent two fantastic, high energy days at Lightning Ridge Central School. The new iKi Crew were keen to get their hands on an iKiStick and SmashPads and help engage the rest of the school community with iKiEnergisers and positive behaviours! 

Photo: The New LRCS iKiCrew practicing their moves and leadership skills.


5 new iKi SRL centres onboard!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where is the year going? Apologies to all our loyal readers for our tardy communications. 

We have been engrossed in developing and launching our new websites for iKiFit SRL & Powerful Futures. Please have a look and give us your feedback! 

We are also really excited to welcome onboard 5 new SRL centres! 

  • Tibooburra Outback Public School
  • White Cliffs Public School
  • Eumungerie Public School
  • Peppercorn Child Care Centre, Dubbo
  • Little Diggers Child Care Centre, Lightning Ridge
Some of our small schools are doing their teacher training with the assistance of DART Connections
To discuss how easily you can get onboard via Distance Education - Give us a call!

Powerful Futures - ANY help, is helpful!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

To our family and friends, 

You may remember that late last year we sent a request to vote on a website competition..and a gratifying number did, thank you very much!

We didn’t place in that particular competition but we DID secure a fantastic Sponsor—Reliance Technology in Dubbo - who have helped us with a major “refresh” for the iKiFit and associated NFP, Powerful Futures websites. Pleases take a moment to check out

Most of you are aware that we’ve been working on iKiFit for many years - since 1997 in fact - and full time for the last 12 years.

In the early years, some people didn’t “get it” –they just saw kids jumping around, having fun dancing and exercising with a stick and chanting slogans. They didn’t see the connection between engaged, well behaved students and improved learning and social outcomes. Not only is iKiFit about engaging people of all ages in learning and healthy lifestyle choices, it’s about values: - of respect, community involvement and work ethic.

It works and we’re proud of the fact the program is helping change lives for the better.
The iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners program is now accredited, evaluated, tried, tested and set to grow.

In the past we have received much needed support from close family and friends and are now at that ‘next step’ and are reaching out to our wider circle. 

As the business space we operate in is dominated by Not For Profits, we have recognised that the way forward is to follow suit and so have established a NFP - Powerful Futures Incorporated - and would greatly appreciate any support you can give. All money raised goes to subsidising iKiFit student and staff training, as well as providing equipment and Learn Online memberships - which help schools and community groups to change lives. 

Please become a donor, sponsor or supporter of Powerful Futures, and for doing so, as a thank you, we would like to offer a choice of special gifts, including iKiFit Music CD, the original iKiMagic DVD and complimentary Learn Online membership, - which you can keep as a memento, use at home or give to a friend, family or teacher to use.

Click here to Donate! 

Please note that at present the Powerful Futures eWay account links to the iKiMagic business account to save on expenses. Rest assured that all monies received will be used and accounted for appropriately.

If you are unable to assist financially at the moment, we really would appreciate ANY help you can give. Share the message around, use the program, give us your thoughts, ideas or contacts.

Meanwhile, try an iKiEnergiser! Click here and scroll down
A strong, healthy body will help you live a better life..

Look, listen, move and have fun. It may even change your life.

Thanks for reading,

Kind Regards,
Kim, the staff of iKiFit and the Board of Powerful Futures

Written by Kim Macrae

Time for Change!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome to our new & improved website, we trust you are enjoying it! 

All the information you need to know about the iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners Program should be easy for you to find on our groovy navigation, however if there is anything you cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via email 

If you were a fan of our previous blog and there is any content in particular you would like to access, please email us and we will endeavour to get this to you. 

Stay tuned for our next blog in the coming days, and in the meantime, stay Happy, Healthy & Strong!