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iKiFit News: Spring 2015

Saturday, September 05, 2015

iKi Magic Home Zone - bringing all the things you love about iKi SRL into your home!

Hi, Amy from iKiFit here.

I recently told a friend that I’d found my vocation in life. Becoming an iKi Instructor. I know this is my calling because it’s making such a big difference to my life, personally, professionally and at home. Plus, there’s a big personal bonus – it’s fun and it works.

So I wanted to let you all in on how I’ve adapted iKi SRL for home and how it’s helping my kids – and the whole family!

By providing consistent boundaries, language and behaviour guidelines for my children I have created certainty for them, - so they now feel safe, secure and settled knowing "I've got this!" 

And it was so simple. By sticking to the iKiSRL principles and basing our behaviour management language around them, my partner and I have become much more confident in ourselves as parents. We wanted to instil in them the simplest of life values, - values we feel society as a whole has lost sight of... until now!

The first step was for our children Mr C (5) and Miss C (7) to become competent in practising the iKi Principles, whilst keeping them engaged through regular iKi Energisers. These help to 'get the sillies out' before I expect them to do anything that requires attention, and are also a great alternative to 'technology' or ABC Kids. Why? Because they are labour intensive, they get the endorphins pumping, the mind stimulated and are seamlessly engaging and entertaining. Then they are ready to sit and talk about the principles. their roles with our family, and what we expect of them as members of our family. 

The next step was to implement the 'iKi SRL Score Board' (reward/warning system). We talked about realistic expectations on a daily basis, incorporating their given chores (jobs) as part of our family and the types of behaviour we expected to see them displaying. For example, treating each other nicely, listening to the instructions being given by their parent/s and playing nicely together - to keep things safe and fair for everyone.

Using the iKi SRL Score Board we then watched daily for displays of positive behaviours and rewarded them accordingly with iKi Tokens. Additionally we weeded out the negative behaviour by issuing warning tokens - and where necessary (2 warnings issued) moved the child into 'Reflection' where they would sit by in a non-engaging environment and reflect upon the poor behaviour choices they had made - and what they needed to do to fix their behaviour choice. 

When there was a token per day achieved, in whatever principle category, a reward was given. Nothing monetary, but something that involved the family in a positive way, i.e. Picnic with family to a place of the child's choosing. A family dinner with the menu choice of the child. Outing somewhere of the child's choosing.

As the weeks went on the expectations increased, and more iKi Tokens were required on a daily basis to reach the point of reward. The children became accountable to themselves and each other and would quite often assist in modelling positive behaviours to one another (taking the time to point out to me of course, for recognition and validation!). 

iKi SRL was not just implemented at home. I was soon issuing tokens during our weekly grocery shop and where necessary notifying a child that they would be receiving a warning on the score card when we get home. I even had a situation where Mr C went from 1st warning to 2nd warning into Reflection during a grocery shop, where I proceeded to place him in a safe spot out of the way of passers by for him to have his reflection. There was no tantrums or tears or screaming, just a child who needed time to self regulate; - to get back on page with the expectations I had of him in the supermarket. He came out of 'Reflection' and proceeded to ask me how he could help me with the rest of the shop, and even carried some of the bags in when we got home. Without being asked!

Now I have two settled, well behaved, well mannered children, who are thriving, are a delight to be around, are helpful, considerate and an absolute joy in all contexts. We exercise regularly together using the iKi Energisers, we eat well together (even my fussy eater Mr C) and we play together in a safe, fair and fun environment. And they are even modelling these positive behaviours to their baby brother Mr J (10mths)!

So, how can you benefit from all this. It's easy - I have condensed all of this into a pack that you can sign up for today that will give you step by step instructions on implementing iKi SRL in your home. 

The pack includes your own iKi SRL Score Board, iKi SRL Principle posters (to hang in your home) and your own set of iKi Tokens and Warning cards. To register today for iKi Magic Home Zone click here

Also keep an ear out for our upcoming Parent Workshops where we will give you further hints and tips on raising, happy, healthy, strong, safe, respectful contributing members of our community. Enjoy : )

The BIG iKi - Incursions

Due to high demand for iKi SRL incursions in schools and early childhood services, we have decided to make our annual BIG iKi event an ongoing incursions tour. 'The BIG iKi Bus' will visit schools across the region and deliver the iKi Safe Respectful Learners message via a fun, engaging 1 hr show. With cool new songs, iKi Energisers, Narratives and merchandise the BIG iKi Incursions are set to be the talking point of every school and early childhood service. And with 10% of all incursion and merchandise sales going back to your school or service, everyone wins!  

To find out more about hosting a BIG iKi Incursion contact us today at admin@ikifit.com.au or call Amy on 0419 016 692.