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What can happen when you try to BE EVERYTHING!

Monday, June 12, 2017

WARNING: This is what happens when you try and be everything for everybody all of the time!!


SYMPTOMS: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Restless legs, Raising Head, Irritability, Irrationality, Uncontrollable Emotions, Unexplainable Outbursts. And that's just whats going on on the inside!


You've got to ask it really worth it!

People often say to me "You're so organised, you are so good at everything, how do you do it all?"...
The truth... By lying to myself about what is really OK and what is really acceptable and allowing myself to think that anything less would somehow make me weak, or inferior or ineligible...

How can we ever be the true, fair dinkum, authentic, stable and sustainable models we wish to be for our children when we allow external influences such as social media, friends, social groups, blogs, books, magazines, tv and radio to rule our lives and how we perceive we should be.

All that does is leads us to a deep dark place where we can no longer function and find ourselves curled up in a ball unable to complete even the simplest tasks because our energy bucket is empty...we gave it all away... and to who? Not our children, or our family who matter most. Unfortunately in all our effort to be "the best" or "the perfect" - they actually quite often end up with the dregs.

So this morning as I sit here feeling overwhelmed again by the precedence Ive set myself and how Ill possibly keep up the "perfect" charade another day..I say.. Treat YOURSELF the way you would want OTHERS to treat THEMSELVES - with kindness, fairness, nurturing, realism, practicality and love. Listen to the advice you're giving others. If its good enough for them....

Give yourself a break, take heed, breathe and get back in touch with you and maybe drop a few of those balls you've got up there in the air. Otherwise you might end up looking like the crazy lady in this picture!! Xx


Delegate - Alleviate

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Stop trying to be super human and doing everything yourself – it’s not worth it. Sometimes you have to "let it go!" Delegate some of your work to a staff member, or ask the children or your partner to do some of the chores. Alleviate unnecessary stress - be fair to yourself.

The key to successful delegating is to give enough instructions to make the job clear and then to trust the person you have asked to do it for you – never redo the job or that person won’t help you out next time you are in need.

Unsure what to delegate? Delegate your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. You may just find that the weaknesses you delegate could be someone else's strengths. This is the key to being a TEAM in the home and in the workplace.