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"Positives" even better than Chocolate

Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Hand out “Positives” like chocolate.

Although Easter is over for another year there are lots of ways we can feel good without chocolate.

I’d like to start this week’s column with a heart-felt ‘thank you’ for the positive feedback. We all like to feel we are appreciated. Which brings me to the theme this week:- Positive comments go a loooong way.

One reader wrote to say she loves the positive slant I try to impart and went on to say: “I recently read a book called “How full is your Bucket?” by Rath and Clifton. It’s based on the bucket and dipper theory:-

“In a nutshell, we all have invisible buckets and dippers. Every day we each have hundreds of interactions with other people. When it is a positive interaction initiated by you, you are putting a drop into the other persons bucket - and also your own bucket because it makes you feel good as well. Negative interactions do the opposite and take from buckets”

“I taught this to my 9-year old, and he regularly comes home and tells me how he put a drop in someone's bucket today. I firmly believe it is 'the' most effective way to teach school aged children empathy. A teacher I recently told felt this knowledge was gold and she would use it in her classroom. Needless to say, my life has improved greatly since I and my family members have made the bucket and dipper theory part of our lives”

Here are several interesting facts to reinforce the massage:

Scientists have identified receptors in our nervous systems that respond positively to some of the chemicals in chocolate. That’s one of the reasons chocolate makes us feel so good.

Positive feelings boost our immune systems, improve our energy, our appetites and help us sleep, not to mention encourage us to spread the good cheer.

So, as a follow on from Easter, dish out positive comments, smiles and hugs in place of chocky eggs. It's so easy, costs nothing and comes back with interest. A smile, a kind word, a helping hand.

Have a great Term 2 --and dish it out with a ladle.