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Join iKiFit founder, Kim Macrae for snippets about education, life choices and self empowerment that encourage us to be the best version of ourselves - Every Single Day! (Click below to hear iKi Crews Every Single Day excerpt. Full version for sale on iTunes).

Life Coach and working mum Amy shares her experiences of how iKi helps her meet the challenges of juggling children, partner and career, while striving to be a happy, healthy strong role model. And staying sane!.

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Every Single Day in So Many Ways - We Can Get Better!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Welcome to our blog "An iKi Kind of Life" which is based on the theme song "Every Single Day". Read the lyrics below and click here to listen to an excerpt. 

Every single day, in so many ways we can get better.
Every single day, in so many ways we can get better.

Communicate, delegate, educate, learn to relate
Dedicate, investigate, clean your plate, don’t be late,
Desegregate, invigorate, tell it straight, close the gate
Alliterate, make it great, stop the hate, help your mate

Every single day, in so many ways we can get better.
Every single day, in so many ways we can get better.

Idealise, visualise, prioritise and compromise
Secularise, democratise, don’t moralise, learn to be wise
Eat for size, exercise, stoke your fires, reach the skies
Eulogise, characterise, laugh at liars, greet the sunrise

Chorus      Solo      Breakdown

Play football, stand up real tall, take the fall, try it all
Fix your mess, add something fresh, tone your flesh, start afresh
Activate don’t procrastinate, isolate or be a deadweight
Don’t look skin-deep, you’ll miss a heap, take a leap, land on your feet!

Localise, energise, economise, enough’s enoughise
Take the test, reach the crest, don’t distress, do your best
Validate, elucidate, meditate and make it great
Chop chop wood and carry water, live your life the way you aughta

About Every Single Day.

This song encapsulates one of the core beliefs at iKi : - that the key to living productive and rewarding lives is in choosing behaviours that lead to positive, life affirming outcomes for our families, our communities and ourselves.

Each week we release a blog based around one of the words in the song – musings on an idea or an activity that can help brighten our own lives and the lives of those around us.


Through all of history, parents have shared the common goal for their children to have happier, healthier, more productive lives than they did.

We all know there are challenges to that desire, but at iKi we believe there are many practical ways we can strive to keep the dream alive.

Read on, and we hope you will agree that “Every single day in so many ways we can be better” It’s a matter of attitude, practise and action.

  1. Communicate.


No matter how old we are, there are some things we remember clearly from our younger years, while others are a blur.

One occasion I remember clearly was sitting in a potato paddock having a break and discussing the world with a couple of mates. We were about 14 years old at the time. I recall we agreed that the world would be a much better place “if we could just communicate”.

But even in our early teens – when we knew we knew so much - we understood that was no simple thing. There are so MANY things to disagree about - with 40 different words for snow, 600 models of cars, multiple life choices, not to even begin to mention politics and religion. We were the same age and gender, from the same small town, with similar interests, speaking the same language - and we still disagreed on lots of things.

We agreed there was ample room for misunderstandings to arise in the real world. Remember, this was before smart phones, thousands of TV channels and the myriad other new distractions demanding our attention, our opinion, our time and money. The risk of being misunderstood, misheard or mistaken is so vast it’s a wonder we agree on anything.

So, with this in mind, this week (and all weeks hereafter) take extra care when communicating. Let’s be clearer when we text. Follow up emails with a call to be sure it’s understood. When interacting face to face, be mindful of our body language and our tone of voice, Take time to listen to the other persons’ point of view.


Take a little more care and save a mess of stress by making sure we’re on the same page. After all, we’re all in the same story.

Clear communication is easier when we are healthy and relaxed-- so make some time to energise yourself. Do an energiser now. Take a quick walk around, do a stretch. Go outside and breathe. Your head will be clearer and you’ll see a brighter world. One where we understand each other better, because we take care to communicate more clearly.


How do we teach our students, our own children to this valuable life lesson? iKi SRL helps us communicate clearly. The Rulz make it so much easier for us to understand and agree on what is appropriate behaviour and fair consequences in all contexts. Contact us and learn how easy it is implement in your home or classroom today.


Thanks to our Supporters!

Monday, July 24, 2017

A message from Kim in response to all the support received since last Tuesday's episode of Shark Tank:

"I’m SO grateful for, proud of, and excited by the huge amount of support I’ve received after my recent Shark Tank appearance. Yes, it was cringe inducing – and as it was actually filmed almost 10 months ago you may understand I’ve had moments of anxiety knowing what was to come. To put it mildly
However, most of the experience was fantastic, - exciting, energizing, lots of fun and REALLY helped get my focus and commitment right. Yes, I got bitten and bashed but learned a LOT and am much stronger for having done it.
One result is that I’d like to make the following statements:-

Firstly, a big, humble thanks to everyone who has supported, worked with, encouraged or just plain tolerated me over the years. 😊 Most of you know I’ve worked hard and long on iKi, but that would have led absolutely nowhere good without your help. I won’t go into names, right here and now, - you know who you are. But thanks!

Secondly, a bit of a summary of why the sharks mauled me so viciously. I had lots of support and prepared well - (I thought) – but missed a couple of ques at the beginning of filming and got unsettled. Once the sharks scented a struggling swimmer they did what sharks do. So please don’t blame them, I just wasn’t well enough prepared and I can laugh about it now. And continue to learn

Finally, I’m proud and excited about the position I am in now, personally and in the iKi business jumping into the next phase and swimming strongly. Sometimes we have to dive in and test our strength.
Thanks again SO much everyone. And watch this space."

Missed the episode and don't know what we are talking about? - catch up on all the action at tenplay.com.au/SharkTank - iKiFit is featured in Episode 5. 

Forcing apologies or modelling empathy!?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Forcing apologies out of our children, when quite frankly, they really aren't that sorry!

This is a hot topic in my household right now and I just found this great article which helped put things into perspective a little around what age a child really understands empathy. It would seem that Ive had it all wrong in expecting my 2 yr old to say sorry and mean it, or my 6 yr old for that matter. And it goes to show that role modelling is really the best form of parenting there is and one day when our children have matured enough they will be equipped to respond appropriately in most contexts. In the meantime we can use iKi Rulz such as "Im Ok, You're Ok" (treat others the way you want to be treated) to plant the seed with our children around what may be the appropriate way to approach situations when they have hurt someone accidentally or otherwise. To find out more about the iKi Rulz and how to use them in the home click here


Reconnect - The key to surviving the school holidays!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Ive seen alot of Memes these last few days about surviving the school holidays! Funnily enough alot of them feature an underlying theme of excessive drinking to cope with the insanity of the next two weeks...and it got me thinking "Why?"..
Why should we dread the holidays? A break from the daily routine, a chance for our kids to regroup, unwind and be kids again. Yeah they might start pushing boundaries they haven't had time to push lately, they might expect you to fill every waking minute with activity and fun, or do they - or is this what we've just come to expect of ourselves? Why not make it about the positives.
Why not take what little time you have not being dictated to by school and extra curricula activities and RECONNECT with your children. Do some of the simpler things you regularly say no to because you're too busy getting caught up in all the daily rush, like a game of UNO or SNAP or some craft activities (even the messy ones), cook a family meal together or do an iKiEnergiser together for a bit of fun! 😉 Whatever you choose I guarantee your kids will love it. They will love just having you present, completely present - so dont forget to pop the devices away for that time too 😅
And if you find the extra time together a little more difficult with your older cherubs and are having trouble reconnecting or even effectively communicating why not throw in the 3 simple iKi Rulz to establish some common ground and get more helpful tips over at iKi SRL @ Home or drop me a line at ikimum@ikifit.com.au
Amy ~ iKi Mum xx

Do as I Do!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Its not enough to say the right things to our kids we have to demonstrate them as well!

This term my kids and I have worked hard at our local martial arts studio, who share and follow the same 3 simple life values as us, and tonight achieved our gradings. I was so proud of my kids and they were super proud of me. We set SMART goals and achieved them together! This is what living an iKi Life is all about. To start your family on this awesome journey of Safe Respectful Learning - in all contexts - become an iKi SRL @ Home member TODAY! 


What can happen when you try to BE EVERYTHING!

Monday, June 12, 2017

WARNING: This is what happens when you try and be everything for everybody all of the time!!


SYMPTOMS: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Restless legs, Raising Head, Irritability, Irrationality, Uncontrollable Emotions, Unexplainable Outbursts. And that's just whats going on on the inside!


You've got to ask yourself...is it really worth it!

People often say to me "You're so organised, you are so good at everything, how do you do it all?"...
The truth... By lying to myself about what is really OK and what is really acceptable and allowing myself to think that anything less would somehow make me weak, or inferior or ineligible...

How can we ever be the true, fair dinkum, authentic, stable and sustainable models we wish to be for our children when we allow external influences such as social media, friends, social groups, blogs, books, magazines, tv and radio to rule our lives and how we perceive we should be.

All that does is leads us to a deep dark place where we can no longer function and find ourselves curled up in a ball unable to complete even the simplest tasks because our energy bucket is empty...we gave it all away... and to who? Not our children, or our family who matter most. Unfortunately in all our effort to be "the best" or "the perfect" - they actually quite often end up with the dregs.

So this morning as I sit here feeling overwhelmed again by the precedence Ive set myself and how Ill possibly keep up the "perfect" charade another day..I say.. Treat YOURSELF the way you would want OTHERS to treat THEMSELVES - with kindness, fairness, nurturing, realism, practicality and love. Listen to the advice you're giving others. If its good enough for them....

Give yourself a break, take heed, breathe and get back in touch with you and maybe drop a few of those balls you've got up there in the air. Otherwise you might end up looking like the crazy lady in this picture!! Xx


Reconnect - Enjoy a Meal with your Family

Saturday, May 20, 2017

If you, like me, as a full-time working mother, arrive home feeling as though there is only just enough time to open a tin of spaghetti and kiss your children good night before you're rushing them off to bed, you may consider changing that habit after reading below.

The results of a huge American study came in almost a decade ago that slowly began to turn around what had been a growing trend for millions of families- to eat on the go, in front of the TV or in our rooms, instead of together as a family at the table. 

The study, over 5 years and involving hundreds of thousands of participants set out to answer the question: 

What factors are most effective at keeping people out of jail. Is it education, socio economic status, work, holidays?

The Number 1 answer was: Sharing regular meals with family.
The Number 2 answer was: Sport

The message is clear. Taking time to do stuff with our family has lifelong rewards – for you and for your family. Try leaving the office early a couple of days a week so you can be home in time for dinner. This is a simple way to be happy that is good for us and doesn’t cost anything. 

For more information on the benefits of family dinners including great tips for making meal prep fun - click here


An iKi Kind of LIfe

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hi, you are probably reading this because your child has come home talking about iKi: The Rulz, the iKi Dances, the Sticks - and you are wondering what all the fuss is about.


Or you could be reading this because you stumbled across one of my Facebook posts, where I talk about how iKi has changed the way I parent and made my Family life and my children’ lives so much more secure, happy, healthy & strong.

The hype is all about a thing we call iKi Magic. It’s a formula that’s been in use in some schools and day care centres for years now that, when put into the used at home creates a synergy an energy that is magical. It empowers parents to deal with ‘problems’ easily, and builds consistency and security for your children.

iKi Magic is based on 2 key elements:
The first element is all about engaging children in healthy life skills with fun, fitness focused videos. Called iKi Energisers, they bring the unique iKi Stick together with great music, martial arts and dance moves, that develop your child’s imagination and work on their movement skills all at the same time. There are well over 20 iKi Songs that progressively build confidence, co-ordination and skill.

The second element is about introducing -or reinstating - core values into our homes and using them in all areas of family or community life. They help us and our children to feel safe and secure, no matter where they are or whether you are with them, or not. The iKi Rulz enable them to be models of positive behaviours, to thrive in a multitude of contexts - and grow into the wonderful, contributing members of society we dream they will become.

By combining these two elements, I personally, as a mother of 3 children, involved in a blended family, have managed to create a much more stable, happy , healthy and secure environment for my children, myself and my partner. By applying the core values instilled in the iKi Rulz, I have managed to model behaviour daily for my children, that is positive, understanding, flexible, healthy and loving.
And may I add – I do this whilst working a fulltime job and running this blog and my other commitments on the side. Just like lots of other mums.
So – it must be pretty quick and easy to apply right!?

Absolutely! Within a matter of days of using iKi Magic, I saw a change in my children, and was quickly on the way to being the kind of empowered mother I wanted to be, despite all of my commitments. Peace was restored in our home – and everyone had a place and a purpose in our family and was proud to be contributing to it.
They say it takes a village to raise a family – and that rings true to how the iKi philosophy works. Once your family has gotten back to basics, blocked out the busyness of everyday life and implemented the balance of physical engagement and the iKi Rulz – applying it in contexts outside your home creates an infectious, inquisitive feeling from family and community members that will see their eyes light up and have them complimenting on your children. How well behaved they are and what a wonderful job you are doing as a mother! (What mother doesn’t want to hear that)

Trust me, in fact, just this week I received a random text message from my children’s school lollipop lady, just wanting to tell me how beautiful my children are and what an amazing job I am doing at raising them. JOY!

A month ago I had conferences with both of my children’s teachers. We spent the whole time discussing their achievements in the classroom and how I could stretch them further at home if I wanted to and what a delight they both are to teach.

It’s not perfect all the time, believe me, and I’m not here to tell you that I – or iKi - have all the answers. BUT – it has certainly got us to a place I never thought possible and that is why I am so passionate about sharing my story and the iKi Magic product with you.

To find out more about iKi Magic and how you, your children, your family and even your children’s educators can benefit from it, sign up today for an affordable, one off payment of $69.95 that will give you access to all the iKi Energisers, the iKi Magic ebook guide on how to implement in your home, the iKi Rulz and ongoing emails of support and information from myself and other members of the iKi Team.

Still not sold? That’s ok – head on over to the iKi Magic Facebook page and you will start to get a sense of what this can look and feel like in your day to day life. Or, feel free to drop me an email at ikimum@ikifit.com.au


Ask and you shall receive. Talk about it!

Monday, May 08, 2017
When people you love are feeling down, they often just need an opportunity to talk about it. Try asking these two questions over dinner with your family:
  • What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  • If you could, what would you like to change about today?
This way, you might find out about an issue like playground bullying before it gets out of control and you’ll learn more about what the ones you love are doing and what makes them happy or sad.

There is an interesting study on the importance of eating dinner as a family - head on over to An iKi Kind of Life with Amy to read more