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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Welcome to work-year 2019

Australia day has come and gone. Again.

I always feel a little sad after the Australia Day weekend, as it has become the unofficial end of the summer holidays. The weather is still unquestionably summer, but school is back and we’re all into full work mode.

Aside from the question of the date, the Australia Day celebrations have some great elements, particularly the Awards recognising outstanding achievements of everyday Australians.

This years’ nominees and winners are mostly involved with the mental and physical well being of our youth. Young Australian of the Year Danzal Baker is a great role model, getting his message of self – respect, respect for others and of doing our best across with his humility, his cool dance moves and his motivating rap.

Joint Australian of the Year winners Doctors Richard Harris and Craig Challen, of Thai cave rescue fame, also have powerful messages to share;

Dr Harris says “I want kids to find their inner explorer by taking a few risks and challenging themselves. getting a few grazed knees and stubbed toes, making them more robust and confident” He reminded parents to avoid ‘helicoptering’ and give children some space to fail and learn.

Dr Challen expanded on this theme by saying “Australia is a place that presents us with so many opportunities and it’s up to us all to step up and give it a go.” He went on to remind us how very lucky we are to live in this country. We have challenges to overcome and issues to resolve but it’s important that we remind ourselves of the very many ways in which we are the envy of the world.

Winners of the Local Hero award, Kate and Tic Everett, who established the charity Dolly’s Dream as a result of their daughter, Dolly’s suicide, say “Many Australians recognise that we have a bullying culture in our workplaces and communities, and we are “up for a change”

C’mon Aussie, as we move back into work mode, let’s consider the things we admire in ourselves as Aussies.Our sporty, “outdoorsiness”, our willingness to have a go, to give a fair go to any one who is trying. Let’s remind ourselves of how good we have it – and to make an effort be kind to those who are struggling - for whatever reason.

And first and foremost to end our tolerance for bullying. 

It's not rocket science. When we treat everybody consistently and fairly, when we hold everybody, including ourselves accountable for the consequences of their actions, we all benefit.

Smile and say G’day. Have a great year.