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Life Coach and working mum Amy shares her experiences of how iKi helps her meet the challenges of juggling children, partner and career, while striving to be a happy, healthy strong role model. And staying sane!.

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How to raise Happy Healthy Strong children

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


 If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that if you have a young family, you’ll be worrying about how you can bring them up to be happy, healthy and strong in today’s world
Not only are we faced with work, health and environmental challenges, there are SO many poor role models in prominent positions. In sport, business, entertainment and government, there are people we see constantly that we do NOT want our children to grow up like.
But - amid all the fear and uncertainty there is one other thing we DO know for sure; that children are much more likely to become balanced, positive adults when they grow up in a home where certain things happen. There have been years of confusion and conflict about what works best, but the news is out. It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s simple, but it does take commitment. Fortunately, like all good habits and investments, it’s about the long term and the more you do, the easier it gets. And the rewards are fantastic.
It works like this; If we want a healthy body, we need to build and maintain good habits like being active, eating real food, getting plenty of sleep and practicing good hygiene. Similarly, if we want well adjusted, happy children, we need to help them feel safe, valued and confident to learn and explore. And we also must teach them to ‘own their life’ – to take responsibility for their choices/behaviours and to allow them to fail and learn from their mistakes.
Each Saturday I’ll be writing and speaking with you about the proven, common sense, powerful things you can do to help you grow your happy healthy, strong family.
To begin, I’m going to refer to “The Successful Parent” Top Ten Tips for raising happy healthy strong children.
1. Build a parent/child relationship
2. Spend time with them.
3. Understand their Developmental stage”
4. Set clearly defined rules
5. Use plenty of positive reinforcement
6. Provide consequences for their choices
7. Repeat the above (and below) regularly
8. Be consistent
9. Be ‘on the same page’ as your spouse.
10. Be a positive role model
When we think about it, these tips are all absolutely obvious, but in reality, it can be easy to get them wrong in the constant pressure of every-day life. Over the next three weeks I’ll discuss each one in a little depth and suggest some tricks to help them become second nature. The great news is that the rewards are wonderful. Yes, I’ve already said that but it’s worth repeating, regularly.
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