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Fair Rules = Safe and Fun for Everyone

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Fair Rules for Everyone.

Some people seem to think the rules don’t apply to them.

Examples are thick on the ground: – the banks and financial institutions recently exposed for doing the dodgy for decades, politicians and big business abusing the privileges that money and power provide. Not to mention our ‘sporting celebrities’ running amok.

If we’re honest, we all bend the rules at times. In fact, working creatively within the rules is considered valid tactics in business, sport and life. So, does it matter?

It’s worth remembering that the “Rule of Law” - regulations and legislation - have helped change human societies from brutal, exploitive feudal systems and dictatorships, where the majority of people were virtual slaves with few rights and little dignity - into to the safe, free and healthy community we are so fortunate to live in.

On the other hand, we all know there is still inequality and injustice and that some of our leaders, and ‘winners” - sports stars, celebrities, CEOs and other ‘successful’ people, are thumbing their noses and ripping us off. They’re not playing by the rules the rest of us abide by. They’re cheating.

Surely, sport stars,-highly paid and admired role models, should actually be REQUIRED to set a good example, rather than behave as the spoilt, entitled brats some are.

Surely, our political leaders, with larger salaries and better privileges, pensions and perks than most of us enjoy, should be proud to serve the best interests of their constituents – and actually DO it.

A friend recently pointed out that most jobs require strict qualifications: specific education levels, specialist training and ongoing updates. Yet many politicians are that only, politicians, with scant business, community or professional skills. And no rigorous ongoing job requirements.

Progress IS being made – the recent NRL decision to suspend players charged with criminal offences and the royal commission into the Banks are positive steps in the right direction. But here’s a thing. Back to our political leaders: - The Politician’s Pledge -more detail next week - that only 8% of Liberal/National politicians have signed. Surely, we can reasonably expect them all to sign – and be held to it? Just as tradespeople and professionals have to keep up their qualifications and do their job properly.

The ‘value’ that Australians treasure above all is the ‘fair go’ and the dream we share with the rest of the planet is wanting our children to grow up in a better world that us. That’s possible so long as we focus on what has gotten us here: Fair laws that apply consistently to all, young and old, rich and poor, famous and ‘average.’Fair laws that are for the benefit of the majority and take into account the consequences for success and failure, honesty and cheating.

iKiMagic - teaching simple, fair rules that everybody can understand, is making a difference in hundreds of school rooms. Fair rules with consistent, empowering consequences, help our children feel safe and confident which in turn helps them thrive and learn.

Have a great week.