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Eat for Size

Thursday, April 11, 2019

  Eat for size.

It used to be that wanting to lose weight, eat healthier and/or whatever, signalled the start of a challenging journey. Apart from the discipline required to make positive changes in the face of temptation from every direction, there was the little issue of a million “Miracle Diets” to choose from.

Created or touted by someone famous, beautiful or both, many of them were crazy, dangerous, impossible or all of the above. The authors as well as the ideas!

Fortunately, while there are still radical and controversial ‘diets’ doing the rounds, as well as ongoing debates about carbs versus protein, the relative merits or dangers of fats and sugars and more, there is a lot of agreement about the fundamentals of good nutrition.

So, I’m not going to go into details but give an outline of the things most food scientists, dieticians and healthy people agree on.

To make it more interesting I’ve included a couple of fascinating facts at the end to illustrate the first and last points.

Seven’s a good number so here are seven sensible eating habits to keep your body well fuelled:

Eat regularly *

Drink plenty of water

Always eat breakfast

Eat fresh and unprocessed foods as often as you can

Eat different varieties, types and colours of food

Eat in moderation, keeping fast food and sweets, cakes, biscuits and salty, fried snacks as occasional treats

Enjoy eating**

*First. Eat regularly – a long term European study involving hundreds of thousands of people from 1949 to the present, suggests that eating at least 2 regular meals every day will add 13.9 Years to your life span. Yep, you read that right, almost 14 extra years! Just for regular meals.

**Last. Enjoy eating. Sounds silly you say. What it means is: learn to do the things above and eating becomes much more enjoyable: Delicious, guilt free and health giving.

And further to the point: Who remembers ‘The French Diet’?

It’s the stunningly simple idea of doing all the things above with the added ingredient of sharing regular sit-down family meals, with conversation, home cooked fresh food and moderate serves.

Finally, I’d like to take an extra bite and add another point about becoming and remaining our own ideal, healthy weight: It’s as simple as budgeting. If we eat more food than we need to sustain our energy output, we’ll put on weight.

So, here’s point number eight. Move the right amount for how much we eat. Or eat the right amount for how much we move.

As the ferret thingy says on the TV add.


Have a healthy week