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Dedicate to be great.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

This weeks' word is “Dedicate"

I’ve been worrying for weeks about what to write - and then it all became clear when I remembered the “Australian of the Year” awards way back in January.

The winners have dedicated much of their lives to things they believe in.

I’m still excited because 2 of the 4 category winners are teachers: The Australian of the Year for 2018 is Professor Michelle Simmons, a teacher and researcher, and the Local Hero for the year, Eddie Woo, is a visionary high-school maths teacher. It’s great that teachers, who play such an important role in nurturing tomorrows’ leaders are being recognised and valued.

I’m inspired by the message given by Professor Simmons, who says “Quantum physics is hard. Technology at the forefront of human endeavour is hard. But that’s what makes it worth it. I believe that the things that are most worth doing in life are almost always hard to do- but when you succeed the euphoria is immense”

When we dedicate ourselves to doing something hard, we often have to sacrifice other things – luxuries, time off, hobbies – but the rewards can be immense. And here's just one of the exciting things that happen when we dedicate time and effort to something we believe in - it's gets easier. When we regularly do something difficult our abilities grow. Remember the story about the little engine who 'thought she could' 

Yes, it always takes discipline and effort, but what is at first hard gets easier with dedication. And think of how we’ll feel when it’s done.

We’d love to hear about the things that excite you: things that you’re passionate about, that make you feel rewarded, valued and respected, or that you feel 'just need to be done'.

Have a satisfying week