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Alliteration, an awesome activity.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


This weeks’ word is Alliterate, which means to rhyme. Rhyme and its’ close cousin rhythm can help us celebrate success, face our fears, soothe our sorrows. Or just make us feel better, brainier or braver.

Melody, rhythm and rhyme is in our souls, our hearts and our heads. It helps whether the weather is woeful or when we are hurt. Or happy.

Sometimes the simplest, silliest sounds soothe our scarred souls better than the smoothest, sugary sauces or the rarest, rich rewards.

Most creatures, great and small, are musical and probably poetic. Yes, we can dispute the virtues of some: - a cicadas’ song may seem loud and lousy, like the latest pop or death metal track - but it’s music to the ears of those it’s intended for. Girl Cicadas.

Research shows that swearing spectacularly helps us feel better when we‘ve been hurt, whether we’ve hit our hand with a hammer or are suffering some sort of seriously sad situation. Surely there are similar studies somewhere that show the productive power of punning to provide a positive perspective to bothersome boredom or hearty health and happiness.

But seriously, the point is, we can make wonderful whoopie with words. Sometimes be silly with sentences. It costs nothing and makes us think.

So, this week alter your attitude with alliteration. Whip up wise words with wit. Write a response with riotous repartee.

Go on, have a rhyming, riffing, rapping week.