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Believing is seeing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


There’s an old saying. “I’ll believe that when I see it”

But there is mounting evidence that suggests the opposite is more correct – that we see it when we believe it”

I remember being amazed in a class where the teacher asked us to look carefully, from our seats, at the window, and note the position of the fly screen gauze. The question was then asked: “Is the fly screen on the inside or the outside of the glass?”

I was one of the 95% who said it was on the outside. I’d looked carefully and that’s what I (thought) I saw, because I’d never seen a fly screen on the inside before. I ‘saw’ what I expected to see.

We’ve been learning a lot lately about the neuroplasticity of our brains, which means we can “change” our brains and our minds, in much the same way as we can change our bodies’ - fitness, skills, weight, shape, etc.

But never forget that the changes can go either way: - Eat too much of the wrong food, smoke and do no exercise and our bodies will soon be a sad sight to ourselves and everyone around us, just as a bad attitude and lazy mental habits result in a weak mind and a less than lovely personality.

If you read last weeks’ column, you’ll remember we talked about ‘ideals’. How they can be useful as guidelines, or benchmarks. But, here’s a thing: When we consciously “visualise” we can be caught out by expectations or ‘experience’.

When we looked at the window, most of us saw what we thought we ‘should’ see. We didn’t see what was really there.

The same thing can happen when we try to “visualise’ our own perfect self or situation. We see what we THINK we should want, are trained to want or are expected to want – by our families, our teachers and friends as well as our community. So, when we consciously visualise, what we see may not be what WE want. Or believe is right.

The answer is to ask your subconscious. It’s easy to ask - but we have to learn to hear the answer.

Firstly, get into a calm place where you feel comfortable. You know the deal – your own “special place”

And here’s another thing. It doesn’t have to be the traditional waterfall or beach at sunset with movie clouds and butterflies. Hold your breath for a revelation: - some people say they feel most relaxed on the toilet. The point is, your special place is somewhere away from distractions. Away with your own thoughts.

So, get somewhere you can relax, then ask yourself what YOU want and let your subconscious come up with the answer.

And listen. Your gut knows. You might want to be on the inside rather than outside. Or vice versa.
Meanwhile, mold that brain and body with good food, good activities, good thoughts, butterflies and yes, toilets.

It’s all part of life.

Have a great week.