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Life Coach and working mum Amy shares her experiences of how iKi helps her meet the challenges of juggling children, partner and career, while striving to be a happy, healthy strong role model. And staying sane!.

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An iKi Kind of LIfe

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hi, you are probably reading this because your child has come home talking about iKi: The Rulz, the iKi Dances, the Sticks - and you are wondering what all the fuss is about.


Or you could be reading this because you stumbled across one of my Facebook posts, where I talk about how iKi has changed the way I parent and made my Family life and my children’ lives so much more secure, happy, healthy & strong.

The hype is all about a thing we call iKi@Home. It’s a formula that’s been in use in some schools and day care centres for years now that, when put into the used at home creates a synergy an energy that is magical. It empowers parents to deal with ‘problems’ easily, and builds consistency and security for your children.

iKi@Home is based on 2 key elements:
The first element is all about engaging children in healthy life skills with fun, fitness focused videos. Called iKi Energisers, they bring the unique iKi Stick together with great music, martial arts and dance moves, that develop your child’s imagination and work on their movement skills all at the same time. There are well over 20 iKi Songs that progressively build confidence, co-ordination and skill.

The second element is about introducing -or reinstating - core values into our homes and using them in all areas of family or community life. They help us and our children to feel safe and secure, no matter where they are or whether you are with them, or not. The iKi Rulz enable them to be models of positive behaviours, to thrive in a multitude of contexts - and grow into the wonderful, contributing members of society we dream they will become.

By combining these two elements, I personally, as a mother of 3 children, involved in a blended family, have managed to create a much more stable, happy , healthy and secure environment for my children, myself and my partner. By applying the core values instilled in the iKi Rulz, I have managed to model behaviour daily for my children, that is positive, understanding, flexible, healthy and loving.
And may I add – I do this whilst working a fulltime job and running this blog and my other commitments on the side. Just like lots of other mums.
So – it must be pretty quick and easy to apply right!?

Absolutely! Within a matter of days of using iKi@Home, I saw a change in my children, and was quickly on the way to being the kind of empowered mother I wanted to be, despite all of my commitments. Peace was restored in our home – and everyone had a place and a purpose in our family and was proud to be contributing to it.
They say it takes a village to raise a family – and that rings true to how the iKi philosophy works. Once your family has gotten back to basics, blocked out the busyness of everyday life and implemented the balance of physical engagement and the iKi Rulz – applying it in contexts outside your home creates an infectious, inquisitive feeling from family and community members that will see their eyes light up and have them complimenting on your children. How well behaved they are and what a wonderful job you are doing as a mother! (What mother doesn’t want to hear that)

Trust me, in fact, just this week I received a random text message from my children’s school lollipop lady, just wanting to tell me how beautiful my children are and what an amazing job I am doing at raising them. JOY!

A month ago I had conferences with both of my children’s teachers. We spent the whole time discussing their achievements in the classroom and how I could stretch them further at home if I wanted to and what a delight they both are to teach.

It’s not perfect all the time, believe me, and I’m not here to tell you that I – or iKi - have all the answers. BUT – it has certainly got us to a place I never thought possible and that is why I am so passionate about sharing my story and the iKi@Home product with you.

To find out more about iKi@Home and how you, your children, your family and even your children’s educators can benefit from it, sign up today for an affordable, one off payment of $14.95 that will give you access to all the iKi Energisers, the iKi@Home model, the iKi Rulz and ongoing emails of support and information from myself and other members of the iKi Team.

Still not sold? That’s ok – go to my “An iKi Kind of Life” facebook page and follow my blog and you will start to get a sense of what this can look and feel like in your day to day life. Or, feel free to drop me an email at