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Engage and Empower your students with iKi Energisers

Not only are they an enjoyable, effective way of engaging students in healthy activity, iKi Energisers can be much more. Do a 5 minute Energiser to stretch you legs and clear your heads between classes, or a 10 or 15 minute routine to kick-start your day. Your students will love the fitness, skills and confidence they build. 

With content for all developmental stages, iKiFit activities help build Fundamental Movement Skills through to Fine Motor Skills and can provide part of your mandatory weekly PE requirement. Starting with the iKi Rulz song and the iKi Magic Dance which introduces Fundamental Movement skills, the program scaffolds using songs and tutorials to develop all elements of skill and fitness.

If you don't have iKiSticks don't worry  - there are great ideas for making your own iKi Stick in the resources section of the iKi Learn Online area, or you can purchase genuine iKiSticks at the Online Shop

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