Engage, empower and reward your students with iKi Energisers

The iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners program has 3 components; Engage, Model,Teach. The first is the exercise program, which comes to you via your IWB as iKi Energisers.  

Not only are they a fun, effective way of engaging your students in healthy activity and lifestyle choices, they can be much more. You and your students can do a 5 minute Energiser to stretch you legs and clear your heads between  theory classes, or a 10 or 15 minute routine to kick-start your day. Your students will love the skills and confidence they build. But they will REALLY love to be rewarded with the opportunity to become MODEL iKiCrew student leaders.

If you don't have iKiSticks don't worry  - you can access great ideas for making your own iKi Stick in the resources section of the iKi Learn Online area, or you can purchase genuine iKiSticks at the Online Shop

To get you started try this FREE iKi Energiser!

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