iKi 'Safe Respectful Learners' (iKiSRL) and iKiFit 
Fitness and Positive Behaviour in one Package.

It's about being the best we can be - Every Single Day in lots of little ways! (Click below to hear iKi Crews Every Single Day excerpt, for sale on iTunes)

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Studies and common sense show that children need positive, fair and consistent guidelines to flourish. At the heart of iKi SRL is a set of Principles that are the foundation of positive behaviour. Via a catchy song, students learn the iKi Rulz and quickly ‘own’ them. These Rules provide the language and ideas to clearly communicate expectations and consequences in a way that is safe, fair and fun - in the classroom, the playground and at home.

Additionally, research proves that incorporating structured physical activity into daily routines leads to changes in brain activity, improved concentration and more positive social interaction. iKiFit activities engage students in fitness and positive life skills.
And did we mention it’s fun?


Q. What do we want?

Happy homes and classrooms filled with healthy, respectful children.

Q. How do we get it? 

iKi Safe Respectful Learners (SRL) combines clear language, strategies and activities that teach healthy life skills and help in everyday classroom management.

Q. How does it work? 

It's like a game - or a sport -supported by iKiFit Energisers and the unique iKi Stick. The game consists of activities that get children excited about learning, using music, dance and narrative, supported by simple Rulz that teach them to take ownership of good behaviour.

Three simple, fair and empowering Rulz, that they learn in a song and happily repeat every day, where ever they are.                           
The iKi Rulz - Provide effective positive behaviour 'boundaries'  that work in all contexts.

Supported by accredited training and user friendly resources, the iKi Rulz make your day a whole lot easier.

Rule 1: Look Listen and Learn.
When you look and listen you will learn, and you allow others to learn.

Rule 2: I'm OK, You're OK.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect and courtesy.

Rule 3: No Play, No Play (Move Away)
When you don't play by the rules there is a negative consequence - you may have to move away or sit out. This makes it safe fair and fun for everyone.

The Pledge.
“I Pledge to be the best I can be, happy, healthy and strong, a loyal member of my family, and a positive, contributing member of my community.”

NOTE: The iKi Rulz and iKi Pledge can be customised to suit any individual school, workplace or community.

The iKi Energisers - Engage students in learning healthy life skills. They help develop and build:

Imagination, Skill, Co-ordination, Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility AND it's great fun, so students are keen to learn.

The iKi Sticks - symbols for  respect, responsibility and belonging. 

iKi Sticks encourage imaginative play – e.g. surfing waves, playing a guitar, riding a motor bike or rowing a boat. They are non toxic, durable and made in Australia.


What problem does it solve? 

What are the benefits?

What makes us different?

How can I start benefiting from iKi SRL?

  • iKi SRL Live Concert – Whether you host an iKi SRL Live Concert led by a qualified Instructor, or stream an iKi Energiser session on a Smartboard, computer or tablet – iKi engages students in fitness and learning, developing Fundamental Movements Skills, through Gross and Fine Motor skills to more advanced dance and MA moves.  BOOK A CONCERT NOW
  • iKi SRL Workshops – NESA registered, Teacher Professional Learning Workshops teache strategies to help you focus on positive behaviours - whether you’re teaching a class, raising a family or running a community or sporting group.   REGISTER NOW
  • iKi SRL Online Memberships - think a club for students, parents, teachers. iKi Online provides tools and activities to teach all to model positive behaviours in both the classroom, home and broader community. Interactive music, energisers and the iKi SRL Scorecard make it fun for everyone whilst delivering the message of safety, respect and learning.  JOIN NOW
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