Linking iKiSRL to NQS

The Seven Quality Areas of the NQS Framework
1. Educational program and practice
2. Children’s health and safety
3. Physical environment
4. Staffing arrangements
5. Relationships with children
6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
7. Leadership and service management

The iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners (SRL) program can help services meet elements of Standards 1,2,5,6 and 7

Element 1.1.1

iKiFit SRL and the Power Names component enable children to:
  • express emotions
  • explore their identity through role play
  • be empowered to make choices and solve problems
  • work collaboratively with others
  • move around and through contexts and environments confidently and safely. 
  • be engaged, curious and enthusiastic in learning
“The Power Names of each child identifies personality traits and strengths that they either already possess or wish to aspire to, i.e. Caring, Creative Charlotte or Helpful, Honest Heath – this accepts and fosters the child’s unique personality and gives them opportunity to identify other ways they may like to relate to their friends, educators and families.
The iKi SRL principles remind children each day how to respect themselves, their peers and environment by reminding them to ‘Look, Listen, Learn (and allowing others to learn)’; ‘Treat others the way we want to be treated (with kindness, respect, etc); ‘Playing by the rules keeps it safe, fair and fun for everyone. If we get it wrong, that’s ok, we may just have to move away, or there may be another type of consequence’. This is building resilience, respect and safety whilst highlighting the importance of learning and respecting one another’s right to learn.

The iKi Energisers encourage team work, imagination and role play. Using the iKi Stick, iKi Songs and Narratives we can explore all the wonderful things our bodies can do and all the different types of environments we can discover whilst working together, listening to our friends and teachers and playing safely and respectfully with one another”.

Element 1.1.5

iKiFit SRL enables Educators to:
  • acknowledge uniqueness 
  • support and encourage efforts as appropriate
  • notice and discuss diverse perspectives of fair and unfair behaviour
“Through the use of Power Names and recalling on these in day to day practice, educators are able to acknowledge each child’s uniqueness and their contribution to the class. As an additional affirmation educators can identify with children about their unique personalities and how they admire them “Charlotte, I love that painting you have done, you are definitely Creative Charlotte – I wish that I could paint as well as you, do you think you could do a painting for me next time to hang on the wall here in our classroom.

Additionally to positive reinforcement the issue of iKi Tokens can be effective in supporting and encouraging efforts. Children can be awarded iKi Tokens around the key areas of Safety, Respect and Learning. If a child takes pride in their work, makes positive behaviour choice, shows respect to another student or teacher – an iKi Token can be issued to place next to the child’s name on the classroom iKi Scoreboard. 

Issuing of iKi Tokens and Warning Cards give educators an opportunity to highlight examples of fair and unfair, or positive and negative behaviour choices. Children are given an opportunity to reflect on their choice of behaviour and how they may choose to respond in the same instance next time. Consistency in language around safety, respecting and learning gives children a clear guideline of expectations and empowers the educator in effectively managing behaviours each time. “Heath I am going to give you an iKi Token because you have been listening very carefully to me all morning and I can see that you are showing respect to me and your classmates – well done”. 

“Bonnie I am going to have to give you a warning token because you are not showing respect to your friend by speaking that way to him. How should we speak to our friends? How do you like your friends to speak to you?”

Element 1.2.2

Through iKi Energisers and Narratives (Conceptions), Educators are given the opportunity to respond to children’s ideas and scaffold the narrative according to the child’s contribution and interests.

An adventure through the jungle using the iKi Stick as a walking stick, paddle for a kayak, telescope, torch, pocket knife, engages children in prompting what comes next, which animals you may see, what obstacles you may have to overcome.. the story can be taken in many directions based on the contribution of the class.

Element 2.2.1 & 2.2.2

iKiFit Energisers and the fourth iKi Principle – “Eat Well, Live Well” promote healthy lifestyle choices and opportunities for nutrition awareness as well as spontaneous and planned physical activities to keep children active and engaged in learning.

Element 5.1 – 5.2.3

iKi SRL program encourages educators to model positive behaviours including that of respect and equality which are used to develop and maintain relationships with children as individuals.
The program empowers Educators with a C.A.R.E checklist to encourage genuine, interactive responses to each child to develop relationships built on trust, respect and admiration. By engaging the C.A.R.E checklist and modelling the positive behaviours of safety, respect and learning, educators are able to support children in feeling safe, respected and confident so they may become contributing members to their class, centre and wider community.

The iKi principles allow children to learn their responsibilities as safe, respectful learners and enables them, from an early age, to learn how to interact appropriately with others.

Element 6.2 – 6.3

iKiFit SRL encourages families to use the iKi SRL @ Home online tools and the language of the principles at home, so the messages are consistent. It also provides families with practical tips they can use for positive behaviour management. This empowers Educators by developing Parent/Educator partnerships through consistent language, behaviour guidelines and consequences both in centre and at home for each child.

iKiFit provides ongoing support for both Educators and parents through online resources, professional learning committee feedback and parent information sessions.

Element 7.1.3

The iKi SRL program provides effective strategies to promote consistency in language, expectations and consequences enabling continuity from all educators in managing class activities and behaviours.
“embedding the iKiFit SRL program has changed the way we implement behaviour management techniques and made us more consistent in our approach. This has led to us changing our policy, our practice and the goals and aims of our rooms” – Justine Richards, Owner/Director.